Thanksgiving is coming

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Hi Everyone! I’ve been neglecting the page a bit lately, sorry! Between Racing, A newborn, and my new No Money Motorsports Blog  I haven’t had much time to create new artwork.

Even though the racing and car season is winding down, Thanksgiving and all the holidays are coming!

This is the time of year I usually get a ton of requests for artwork on various posts/pages/advertisements/etc. This year I’m offering use (including non/minimal-watermark an free-to-edit use for JUST $5 each) Please feel free to reach out HERE for any requests.

racing turkey Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 10.01.08 PM.png

New blipshift shirt is for sale (For a VERY SHORT time!)

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My second Blipshift shirt is now for sale! *Inspired by actual events. Want one for yourself? Maybe you owe your friend/Instructor one after some late braking exercises (Or you missed the brake pedal… or you aaaaalmost got around that corvette). Buy it soon, they’ll only be sold for a few days!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.24.12 AM

Designs featured on

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Woohoo! has chosen some of my designs for print. First up: Door Donuts… True breakfast of racers. Like it? Pick one up! Blipshift only lists each shirt for sale for a few days so order now!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.03.26 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.01.33 AM

For those not familiar with the term… door donuts are the marks tires leave on someone’s door when you bump at speed (note the round mark next to the “1” on Cameron Lawrence’s Challenger post-race at NJMP last summer.)

door donuts

Automotive artwork for sale

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Hello everyone!

My show at Triumph Brewery has ended. Many of the artworks sold, but there are still many remaining. Follow the link here (or the link on the right side of this page) to the artwork and prices!

Yes, this is for original, hand painted artwork! These prices will not last forever so act quick!

ArtClick here to go to the artwork!

christmas hot rod

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My favorite Holiday is here! Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, friends, cars… or even just some turkey and stuffing!

racing turkey

The Show Begins!

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We are officially set up and ready for the opening tomorrow, 7-9pm! Hope to see you at Triumph Brewery sometime between Tomorrow and December 6th!


Triumph Brewery

3 weeks until the show opens. Officially out of space

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3 weeks left until the art show! The studio has been overfull for a while now. Thankfully the wife has allowed me to use the bedroom wall as vertical storage.

Almost there!


A new painting in time for the art show

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Here’s another painting in time for the art show. This one has a familiar looking subject, with a familiar mysterious racecar driver… Some say he can paint a portrait in 1 minute, 42.8 seconds.

20″x30″ on canvas.


Triple Self Portrait, Art by InfamousJIM Tramontano

Art Show Reminder!

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Hi everyone, here’s another poster for the show. I need  your help to spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your family, let’s fill this place up!

Feel free to post, print, and distribute this poster anywhere you wish!



It’s getting crowded in here!

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With the show at Triumph Brewery nearing… Space in my studio is quickly going away. I think we need a bigger boat.

automotive art


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Will you be in New Jersey this fall? Come see a show of my artwork at Triumph Brewery in Princeton, NJ!  Below is a poster with some information. Expect over 50 pieces of original artwork, plus good food, good beer, and good company! Part of a car club? Set up a meet or cruise to the show!! Under 21 or have kids? Do not worry, Triumph is a restaurant as well as a brewery and all are welcome!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask! More information , including an announcement of a second reception date will be coming soon!


A Wedding!

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Hi Everyone, this has certainly been the busiest summer of my life. Aside from creating artwork, working at AJ Hartman Racing, and all the Track Days with NASA Northeast, I got married! On July 12 Rachel officially joined the Tramontano family (though she has been a welcome member since the day I brought her to meet my family way back in my college days)

My entire automotive obsession began with my Father’s 1970 Charger 440+6 RT/SE, so it was only fitting that it had a place at my wedding with all my other family members. (Big thank you to Brandon Rodkewitz of for the stunning wedding photography)

1970 charger

Sometimes you just need to have fun.

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A very good friend of mine, Luis Milan has a pretty wild Miata. It has somewhere around 9 million miles, MANY of which came from track days and autocross. He also lives in upstate New York where the Miata endures pretty wild, salty winters. Simply put… this car has a VERY hard life… but I don’t think Luis or the car would be happy any other way. Luis asked if I would be interested in painting some “Exciting stuff” on his car to supplement the layers of rust, faded spraypaint, and guardrail rash. He was thinking of a “Flying Tigers” style paint-job but was open for anything.

Here I am with the creation: Sometimes you just need to have fun, and I can’t look at this car without smiling… I would say mission accomplished.


Flying Tiger Paintjob

Another Painting from InfamousJim

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Here’s another painting for everyone. Summer finally feels like it is here, so here’s a beach painting. Two year after Hurricane Sandy there is still a ton of rebuilding going on, so why not show a hurricane inspired subject.  As always, feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think!

(18×24 acrylic on canvas)


Rock Crawler Painting

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Hello again, Time for another painting! This is another from my previous series (18″x24″ acrylic on canvas).


jeep crawler

“Race Car Problems”

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As I said, here is a better image of my latest painting “#RaceCarProblems” (3 Panels, 18″x 75″ Acrylic on Canvas).




Do you know which track this is? Leave it in the comments!


This painting is now hanging at AJ Hartman Racing, be sure to check it out if you make it to his shop. (Also Check out his Facebook here)


Out of hibernation, I’m Back!

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Hi everyone. It’s been several months since my last post. There’s been a ton going on since then: new job, wedding planning, preparing for a huge art show, and then some!

So my first, most exciting piece of news. I have an art show coming up at Triumph Brewery in Princeton, NJ. I will fill the entire brewery/restaurant with my artwork (Around 70 pieces: Some old, many new) from September 30 – December 6th. There will be an Artist Reception September 30 from 7-9pm.  Stay tuned for more info and an official announcement.


I’ve been painting quite a bit, and have several new pieces. As a matter of fact, here’s one. It’s a Triptych (18″x75″ acrylic on canvas), called #RaceCarProblems showcasing the very car of AJ Hartman, and some of the more “unique” problems race drivers deal with.  This photo is of it hanging in the office at AJ Hartman Racing. I’ll post up a neater photo soon.


american iron


ASU Devilbird Drawing

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Do I have any fans from Arizona? I just finished a drawing of a wild set of wheels, the ASU Devilbird ultimate tailgate machine. Mike has a ton of passion to create such an awesome Truck, and I was honored he chose me to create a drawing of it.  asu


New Artwork!

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Life has really gotten in the way of art lately, but that is absolutely not a bad thing. I’ve been working hard at teaching art and spreading my nights between helping out a few days at 402 Motoring, and lending a hand building and repairing race cars with AJ Hartman Racing. On top of all that, the racing season (finally) started and I’ve been volunteering and driving at track days with NASA Northeast , AND I started planning a wedding.  Enough about me already, I’m not all that exciting and you are here for the art. I have a large art event happening fall 2014 so I’m working hard to build up my fine art portfolio. More information about that will come soon.

Here’s one sketch, finally a quick fox body mustang drawing… what do you think?

fox mustang

Engagement! And a new painting

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The past several weeks I’ve been incredibly busy preparing to ask the love of my life to marry me, so automotive paintings have been obviously lacking. I finally proposed Thursday night and she said yes! What more appropriate way for an artist to propose than on an Etch-A-Sketch

etch a sketch proposal

Since then I have found a few hours of spare time here and there so I also managed to finish a painting I started a while ago. This is another in the “Quarter Panel Panels” series, and is finally a motorsports one. We all know that all truly cool Race Cars have trailer hitches (oh yeah, or get towed themselves, but that’s not quite as cool)

So quick quiz for you: what car is in the painting and what famous livery does it have on it?martini porsche


Another New Painting From InfamousJim

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Here’s another painting for you. I’m continuing my stylized “Quarter Panel Panels”

This one is for Jersey!


Jeep Wagoneer


New painting series from InfamousJim

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Here are two new paintings… This is a pretty big departure from my usual work but I figured I could try something new for a little while.
I plan on making a whole series of these… What do you think? I welcome all feedback! (Positive and negative!)hotrod painting

Print Special, $60 for a print

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Looking for some artwork that’s more budget friendly than an original?

Right now, 18″x24″ Prints of my “HEMI” painting and the sliding Miata for just $60 shipped to your door. Here are some pictures to remind you what you can have. These could be perfect for the home, office, garage, etc.


HemiMiata Autocrossing







If you would like a print of anything else, contact me and I’ll let you know what we can do.

Throwback SOTW

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Here’s an old-school Sketch of the Week, this one is a design-based print I made back in College. This is a linoleum print and I still have two available at the $20 SOTW price. What do you think? Bonus points if anyone can guess what car is making the burnout. (Good Luck)Burnout

Hummer H2 Drawing

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Here’s another car portrait. A drawing of a Hummer H2 loaded with custom bits. What do you think?h2 hummer

A new painting. Hemi Duel

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Here’s the my latest painting. Two Hemis went into this drag race… Only one made it out.

What do you think? Let me know!

(18″x14″ Acyrlic on board)

Hemi Race

SOTW A new take on the Prius

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The Toyota Prius doesn’t get much love from auto enthusiasts, Myself included. I wouldn’t say I have much against it… it’s just 100% not for me… However, a “simple” motor swap could raise interest…  I guess this would fit better into the Scion brand than Toyota.


prius race car

This week’s sketch, a Widebody Chrysler 300

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Here’s a sketch I made this week. This is another one for 402 Motoring, they are building a widebody Chrysler 300 to fit massive 24×14 Forgiato Wheels with 405/25/24 tires. Head over to their facebook page for progress and build pictures.



Sketch of the Week, card game edition

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You may remember my Sketch of the Sherman Tank back in November. Well I was approached by a game designer to use my illustrations for a card game so I’ve been working on sketches for the card.

While these two are for the video game, the physical drawings are still available for the $20 SOTW special price!

Here’s a couple that I have …


Happy New Year!

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Happy New years everyone!  Even with a lot of time off, this has been a crazy week.

Here’s one drawing I did for someone who took advantage of the Christmas Sale. This is another Marker drawing on illustration paper. What do you think?


Holiday sketch(less) sketch of the week

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Not a brand new one, I’ve been too busy to create a sketch this week, sorry!  Hopefully I’ll finish two for next Monday. Is everyone done with their holiday shopping? You may not be able to get a custom drawing done in time for Christmas, but you have a tiny bit of time left to get a previous week’s sketch of the week or other artwork in time.

here’s a sketch from last year to hold you over…


Another Christmas Sketch of The Week

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Here’s the latest sketch, I’ve been very busy with commissions and other “life” that happens so this was a quick one. let me know what you think!

Another movie reference, anyone know which movie?



Sketch of the week, Christmas Season

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Here’s the sketch for this week… I keep getting very carried away with these things, I have about 4 hours in this one.  Let me know what you think!!



Perfect Christmas gift for the car guy in your life!

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I’m still taking orders for the $150 car portrait gift. Order soon if you want it by Christmas, these are always custom hand drawn so they’re not done overnight!

car art

SOTW Holiday Season

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Holiday season is officially on us. Here’s this week’s SOTW… can anyone guess what image inspired this one?

clarkson christmas

SOTW Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away, so the Sketch of the Week has to include thanksgiving! I got a bit carried away and spent a couple hours on this one, Anyone know what inspired this drawing?




SOTW Veteran’s Day

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It is Veteran’s Day Weekend, so what could be more appropriate than a Military-Themed SOTW? Here’s a WW2-Era Sherman Tank.

Tank Drawing


Thank you veterans, for all that you’ve sacrificed for us.

Latest painting! Jess Neal’s Pike’s Peak Climbing 1971 Barracuda

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Hurricane Sandy tore right through the east coast. I won’t talk much about it because after days of bad news, I think we all need a break.

This painting takes us halfway across the country to Pike’s Peak Colorado. I went to the Hill-climb Race in 2010 and had an incredible time. I swore to go back every year, but canceled flights in 2011, and my brother’s wedding this summer kept me from making it back out (It’s okay Jeff, your wedding was a great excuse to miss anything!)
Either way, I hear Jess Neal and his awesome 1971 Barracuda won top honors in the Vintage class at this year’s race. I’ve been meaning to make a Pike’s Peak inspired painting for a while, so i figured this could be perfect.


cuda painting

Space in my apartment is at a premium, and I can’t make it out to get larger materials so I’m working rather small: (18″x24″ acrylic on board)

SOTW: Halloween and Sandy!!

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What a week! Halloween is Wednesday, Hurricane Sandy is hitting NOW! And I had an awesome weekend working with NASA this weekend at NJMP.

Well I’ve been busy recouping from the busy weekend and doomsday prepping the apartment. Here’s this week’s quick sketch…


Power’s gone out a few times, but it’s back up as of now. If I end up loosing power for a few days I have tons of painting I can do. I’m kinda hoping for it… we’ll see.


halloween jeep


SOTW: Wreck

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Here we go, this week’s sketch… this time it’s another wrecked car sketch. I’m still deciding which direction to take my future personal work, whether it’s cartoon style sketches, or more realistic car crash pictures. Maybe I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and work on both until a clear winner emerges.

Remember, be the first to contact me and this sketch is yours for $20!

Stay tuned for next week’s Sketch of the week… I think we’ll need to make a Halloween themed one.

Mustang Drawing

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Hey everyone, I’ve had a busy week. I’m working on a new website, a logo design, and just finished this marker drawing. This is another drawing for Jon at    If you’re from the New Jersey area and you have a ford-powered car, they are a very active club and forum you should check out!

This latest drawing is Marker on 14″x17″ illustration paper.

mustang drawing

Let me know what you think!

SOTW: Wheel closeup

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Here is this week’s sketch of the week! This is exactly what I meant when I was talking about posting random, quick sketches. This is just a quick marker sketch of a bright polished aluminum wheel that I was trying some marker effects with. The proportions are off, it’s sketchy, and it’s not very detailed, but I think it’s pretty cool.

So if you’re interested… $20 and the original is yours!


mustang wheel drawing

SOTW: Subaru BRZ

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Alright here it is… This week’s Sketch of The Week… A Subaru BRZ. I’m a fan of these cars, they are true performance cars from the ground up (which is way too rare in my book), and look very cool too. This sketch is just me messing around and learning the lines of the car.
Remember: The first person to contact me gets the original picture mailed to them for $20, so message me ASAP if you’re interested. If you’re not interested in this one but you may be interested in future SOTW’s, subscribe to the blog so you can get first crack at future sketches!

Subaru BRZ drawing


Sketch of The week

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Some big news on this blog post… so read up on the new Sketch of The Week section.

I draw every single day. Just like any athlete needs to practice to stay on top of their game, I believe artists should sketch to stay on top of their game. Whether I’m practicing the lines of a car I’ve never drawn before, drawing my own car for the millionth time, or just messing around with a new technique, I’m always sketching. 99% of the work I do never makes it to the blog, I have my reasons, but a year later when I’m going through an old sketchbook I always remember how cool it actually was. I’m starting Sketch of The Week to offer some of these sketches to all of you, as a picture on my blog, and potentially a picture on your wall.

Here’s the deal: Every Monday I will post up a sketch. Some will be very developed drawings, others will just be quick sketches. but the important part… All Sketches of the Week will be for sale for just $20. All sketches are hand drawn by me, signed, and shipped (anywhere in the US, extra shipping cost for international) for just $20. These sketches are not specific commission drawings, but you are more than welcome to recommend a subject for a future “SOTW”. The person who first emails, calls, messages, or otherwise contacts me will be given first opportunity to buy the sketch for that week. I highly recommend “Subscribing” to my blog (Look to your right, there’s a place to sign up with your email, remember Email? We used to communicate that way before Facebook and Texting) so you can be notified immediately when I put up new “SOTW’s”.

In spirit of this new SOTW here is the first one… I realized I’ve never drawn a MINI before, and I think they’re pretty cool (Not to mention, my Sister-In-Law just got one). so here you go…


Motorsports Art

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It has been WAY too long!  My busy summer camp job ended so I finally have a bit of time to do some work. Also, it has been WAY too long since I did some actual paintings, I forgot how much I love it. I have begun to transform some of my more recent marker drawings into acrylic paintings. I want to get back into some larger paintings (48″x60″ or larger), but available space will not allow it so the next couple will be a manageable 18″x24″ on canvas.

Also, I’ve been talking about creating some motorsports themed artwork for a long time, and here I go back in. This painting is of my new miata, demonstrating to the viewer exactly what you do not want to do in an autocross.


Here you go… Drop a comment, let me know what you think…

Miata Autocross

Car Club Drawing

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Hey everyone, here’s some of the latest. This is for an American Car Club over in Germany. They had a very cool request, to create an old school car cartoon, but use a modern mustang and own style. I’m very happy with the results.

mustang cartoon



Over the summer I plan on creating a full body of work based on similar style drawings, I’ll keep you all posted on the progress!

A Small deviation from the norm…

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Hey everyone… Here’s a small deviation from the norm, but it’s still creative based so I figured I’d post it up. We all wear sunglasses at races and car shows right?

This started as a birthday gift for my girlfriend, shortly after she said “You should sell these!” so I decided to make a few more. First up I have 3 green pairs and next is 2 purple pairs. They are a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or just for fun.

Check it out on

The other reason I put this post up… I will soon start posting up some of my original paintings on etsy as well.




Mustang Bullitt

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Hello again, it’s been a while but here’s another marker drawing. This is my most developed marker drawing yet, we went through quite a bit of sketches before we decided on a final theme but in the end we are both very happy with the result.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think!


bullitt mustang



Back to some drawing

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Hi everyone, I’ve been slammed with work from my new teaching job, but I haven’t stopped drawing altogether. Here’s a new marker drawing, and there are a few more to come after.


Mustang Drawing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

I’ve been a bit too busy getting settled in my new classroom to make a new Santa hotrod drawing, so I’m posting up my old but still favorite from last year.

I have been working on a few new pieces, so I will be posting some new artwork soon!

santa hotrod