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ASU Devilbird Drawing

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Do I have any fans from Arizona? I just finished a drawing of a wild set of wheels, the ASU Devilbird ultimate tailgate machine. Mike has a ton of passion to create such an awesome Truck, and I was honored he chose me to create a drawing of it.  asu



New Artwork!

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Life has really gotten in the way of art lately, but that is absolutely not a bad thing. I’ve been working hard at teaching art and spreading my nights between helping out a few days at 402 Motoring, and lending a hand building and repairing race cars with AJ Hartman Racing. On top of all that, the racing season (finally) started and I’ve been volunteering and driving at track days with NASA Northeast , AND I started planning a wedding.  Enough about me already, I’m not all that exciting and you are here for the art. I have a large art event happening fall 2014 so I’m working hard to build up my fine art portfolio. More information about that will come soon.

Here’s one sketch, finally a quick fox body mustang drawing… what do you think?

fox mustang

This week’s sketch, a Widebody Chrysler 300

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Here’s a sketch I made this week. This is another one for 402 Motoring, they are building a widebody Chrysler 300 to fit massive 24×14 Forgiato Wheels with 405/25/24 tires. Head over to their facebook page for progress and build pictures.



Sketch of The week

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Some big news on this blog post… so read up on the new Sketch of The Week section.

I draw every single day. Just like any athlete needs to practice to stay on top of their game, I believe artists should sketch to stay on top of their game. Whether I’m practicing the lines of a car I’ve never drawn before, drawing my own car for the millionth time, or just messing around with a new technique, I’m always sketching. 99% of the work I do never makes it to the blog, I have my reasons, but a year later when I’m going through an old sketchbook I always remember how cool it actually was. I’m starting Sketch of The Week to offer some of these sketches to all of you, as a picture on my blog, and potentially a picture on your wall.

Here’s the deal: Every Monday I will post up a sketch. Some will be very developed drawings, others will just be quick sketches. but the important part… All Sketches of the Week will be for sale for just $20. All sketches are hand drawn by me, signed, and shipped (anywhere in the US, extra shipping cost for international) for just $20. These sketches are not specific commission drawings, but you are more than welcome to recommend a subject for a future “SOTW”. The person who first emails, calls, messages, or otherwise contacts me will be given first opportunity to buy the sketch for that week. I highly recommend “Subscribing” to my blog (Look to your right, there’s a place to sign up with your email, remember Email? We used to communicate that way before Facebook and Texting) so you can be notified immediately when I put up new “SOTW’s”.

In spirit of this new SOTW here is the first one… I realized I’ve never drawn a MINI before, and I think they’re pretty cool (Not to mention, my Sister-In-Law just got one). so here you go…


Car Club Drawing

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Hey everyone, here’s some of the latest. This is for an American Car Club over in Germany. They had a very cool request, to create an old school car cartoon, but use a modern mustang and own style. I’m very happy with the results.

mustang cartoon



Over the summer I plan on creating a full body of work based on similar style drawings, I’ll keep you all posted on the progress!

Mustang Bullitt

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Hello again, it’s been a while but here’s another marker drawing. This is my most developed marker drawing yet, we went through quite a bit of sketches before we decided on a final theme but in the end we are both very happy with the result.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think!


bullitt mustang



Back to some drawing

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Hi everyone, I’ve been slammed with work from my new teaching job, but I haven’t stopped drawing altogether. Here’s a new marker drawing, and there are a few more to come after.


Mustang Drawing