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A Wedding!

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Hi Everyone, this has certainly been the busiest summer of my life. Aside from creating artwork, working at AJ Hartman Racing, and all the Track Days with NASA Northeast, I got married! On July 12 Rachel officially joined the Tramontano family (though she has been a welcome member since the day I brought her to meet my family way back in my college days)

My entire automotive obsession began with my Father’s 1970 Charger 440+6 RT/SE, so it was only fitting that it had a place at my wedding with all my other family members. (Big thank you to Brandon Rodkewitz of for the stunning wedding photography)

1970 charger


Latest painting! Jess Neal’s Pike’s Peak Climbing 1971 Barracuda

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Hurricane Sandy tore right through the east coast. I won’t talk much about it because after days of bad news, I think we all need a break.

This painting takes us halfway across the country to Pike’s Peak Colorado. I went to the Hill-climb Race in 2010 and had an incredible time. I swore to go back every year, but canceled flights in 2011, and my brother’s wedding this summer kept me from making it back out (It’s okay Jeff, your wedding was a great excuse to miss anything!)
Either way, I hear Jess Neal and his awesome 1971 Barracuda won top honors in the Vintage class at this year’s race. I’ve been meaning to make a Pike’s Peak inspired painting for a while, so i figured this could be perfect.


cuda painting

Space in my apartment is at a premium, and I can’t make it out to get larger materials so I’m working rather small: (18″x24″ acrylic on board)