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Art Show Reminder!

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Hi everyone, here’s another poster for the show. I need  your help to spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your family, let’s fill this place up!

Feel free to post, print, and distribute this poster anywhere you wish!




It’s getting crowded in here!

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With the show at Triumph Brewery nearing… Space in my studio is quickly going away. I think we need a bigger boat.

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Art Education

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Hi everyone, I just finished an incredible experience as a long term substitute for art in my old school district. I have a few examples of great student artwork from my automotive design lesson.

I taught my fourth graders a bit about automotive designers, showed examples of my work, work by Dwayne Vance, Chip Foose, and a few others. I also showed them the templates from the Factory Five 818 Design Challenge. Next I worked with the students to design their own vehicles, photocopied their illustrations, and had them create two or three different “paintjobs” for their cars.

If there is anyone who would like a copy of the actual lesson plan and examples, feel free to email me and I can send it to you!

Click on the images to enlarge.