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3 weeks until the show opens. Officially out of space

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3 weeks left until the art show! The studio has been overfull for a while now. Thankfully the wife has allowed me to use the bedroom wall as vertical storage.

Almost there!



Art Show Reminder!

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Hi everyone, here’s another poster for the show. I need  your help to spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your family, let’s fill this place up!

Feel free to post, print, and distribute this poster anywhere you wish!



It’s getting crowded in here!

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With the show at Triumph Brewery nearing… Space in my studio is quickly going away. I think we need a bigger boat.

automotive art

Twisted Metal Show at The College of New Jersey’s Gallery

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Hey! My work has been selected to be part of TCNJ’s “4×4: The Debut Student Art Exhibition Series”. My exhibition, “Twisted Metal” will run from April 6-12 2010 in the new TCNJ art building ( The open times have not been set in stone, but as of now are Tuesday-Thursday April 6-8th from 12:00-7:ooPM, and Sunday April 11th from 1:00-3:00 PM. Other times are available by appointment.

Here are a couple pieces that will be present

“Relax” – Oil on Canvas – 24”x24”

“Tailgaters” – Oil on Canvas – 32”x36”

“HitAndRuin”– Oil on Canvas – 54”x36”

Look up my artist statement on the “pages” link on the right side of the webpage.