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3 weeks until the show opens. Officially out of space

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3 weeks left until the art show! The studio has been overfull for a while now. Thankfully the wife has allowed me to use the bedroom wall as vertical storage.

Almost there!



Irene Aftermath

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Hurricane Irene came through this weekend, My apartment is on high ground and I’m far enough from any rivers so I wasn’t effected at all. We did however loose power for 26 hours, So I spent all day Sunday stuffing my face before all my food went bad and sketched out a possible new direction of painting.

I am also becoming a bigger and bigger fan of these Prismacolor markers, they take tons of practice, but help create amazing effects. Luckily I have a Utrecht art supply warehouse around the corner so I can pick up any colors I need.

What do you think? Like the new direction??

cliff crashduck crossingblown motor

2003 Mustang Race and Show car.

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Here’s a new mustang for me, I haven’t painted many of this bodystyle. A 2003 “New Edge” Mustang GT owned and raced by Karen, another member of


race mustang

Modern Muscle!

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First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s  to a happy and prosperous 2011!


Next order of business… All the signs are clearly visible… The big 3 each offer v8, manual transmission, rear wheel drive monster muscle cars again! It’s 1969 all over again!  The window-stickers may be a bit steeper now, but these cars all come with over 400 horsepower, air conditioning, and get over 20mpg! (Hell, these modern musclecars can even do more than go straight fast, they can turn now!)

It’s time to live the dream, because just like in the late 60’s… Environmentalists are fighting for more fuel efficiency, and this week the news has been full of rising fuel price speculation.

So on to my latest work… My friend Cheech’s custom camaro built by 402 Motoring. (18″x24″ watercolor and pen)

Now that the musclecar wars are in effect as much here as on the street… Which one of my paintings is your favorite? Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? Chime in with comments!

Some background behind the drawings

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We have a few more paintings coming soon, until then, here’s some insight into the process behind the works you see here…

All the paintings here start with many sketches, the sketches are not only practice, but they let me try different effects and techniques for each drawing to see what fits the subject and customer best.  Sometimes the finished painting looks exactly like my very first sketch, other times I go through dozens of sketches before I find something I like enough to put my name behind. The sketch gives the owner and I something to go on before I start working on the finished drawing.

Once I complete the painting, you get not only the finished work, but all sketches I created during the process as well.

Here are some Marker sketches that may look familar…

56 Chevy Pickup

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A great, very personal gift for friends and family! Here is my first Christmas present of the season, a 56 Chevy Pickup. Drawings and paintings typically take a few weeks, so email me today about getting in line so yours can be finished by the holidays!

56 Chevy