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Truck Painting

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Hey everyone, I’ve been keeping especially busy lately. I just started a 7 week long elementary-art substitute position and I’m also working with my old high school building sets for their production of Hairspray. I’ve also been keeping busy with some art (Days are 24 hours long, why not use all of them for work?)

Here’s a painting for my cousin Paul, owner of NorthEast Copper Craft.





Paintings and graphic design

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I’m currently working hard to get a bunch of different paintings finished by Christmas, so here are a few non automotive works of mine to hold everyone over until I can put them up.

Also, be sure to “Like” InfamousJims Auto Art on facebook, After the holidays I will be randomly selecting one of my page fans for a FREE pen and marker sketch.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving from InfamousJim’s Auto Art! I hope that everyone, their friends, and families have a great turkey day!!

The easiest Black Friday shopping you can do is to send me an email about getting your own custom InfamousJim drawing.

Some background behind the drawings

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We have a few more paintings coming soon, until then, here’s some insight into the process behind the works you see here…

All the paintings here start with many sketches, the sketches are not only practice, but they let me try different effects and techniques for each drawing to see what fits the subject and customer best.  Sometimes the finished painting looks exactly like my very first sketch, other times I go through dozens of sketches before I find something I like enough to put my name behind. The sketch gives the owner and I something to go on before I start working on the finished drawing.

Once I complete the painting, you get not only the finished work, but all sketches I created during the process as well.

Here are some Marker sketches that may look familar…

56 Chevy Pickup

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A great, very personal gift for friends and family! Here is my first Christmas present of the season, a 56 Chevy Pickup. Drawings and paintings typically take a few weeks, so email me today about getting in line so yours can be finished by the holidays!

56 Chevy

Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween from infamousjim’s auto art!

Some Variety from InfamousJim

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Well, My work has been very mustang heavy lately, thanks mostly to my friends at . Now however, we have a few different cars coming out.

Some may remember when I designed the paintjob for BigSpicy300’s Chrysler 300  (Check him out on facebook!) Well we’re working together again for a few more touches, this time I’m designing a custom headliner.

Also, here’s a quick sketch of Austin’s (Mustang08) Jeep Comanche.  Trucks are fun to draw, and I have a few more coming out next, so if that’s your thing remember to keep checking in!