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Art Show Reminder!

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Hi everyone, here’s another poster for the show. I need  your help to spread the word! Tell your friends, tell your family, let’s fill this place up!

Feel free to post, print, and distribute this poster anywhere you wish!




Sometimes you just need to have fun.

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A very good friend of mine, Luis Milan has a pretty wild Miata. It has somewhere around 9 million miles, MANY of which came from track days and autocross. He also lives in upstate New York where the Miata endures pretty wild, salty winters. Simply put… this car has a VERY hard life… but I don’t think Luis or the car would be happy any other way. Luis asked if I would be interested in painting some “Exciting stuff” on his car to supplement the layers of rust, faded spraypaint, and guardrail rash. He was thinking of a “Flying Tigers” style paint-job but was open for anything.

Here I am with the creation: Sometimes you just need to have fun, and I can’t look at this car without smiling… I would say mission accomplished.


Flying Tiger Paintjob

“Race Car Problems”

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As I said, here is a better image of my latest painting “#RaceCarProblems” (3 Panels, 18″x 75″ Acrylic on Canvas).




Do you know which track this is? Leave it in the comments!


This painting is now hanging at AJ Hartman Racing, be sure to check it out if you make it to his shop. (Also Check out his Facebook here)


Out of hibernation, I’m Back!

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Hi everyone. It’s been several months since my last post. There’s been a ton going on since then: new job, wedding planning, preparing for a huge art show, and then some!

So my first, most exciting piece of news. I have an art show coming up at Triumph Brewery in Princeton, NJ. I will fill the entire brewery/restaurant with my artwork (Around 70 pieces: Some old, many new) from September 30 – December 6th. There will be an Artist Reception September 30 from 7-9pm.  Stay tuned for more info and an official announcement.


I’ve been painting quite a bit, and have several new pieces. As a matter of fact, here’s one. It’s a Triptych (18″x75″ acrylic on canvas), called #RaceCarProblems showcasing the very car of AJ Hartman, and some of the more “unique” problems race drivers deal with.  This photo is of it hanging in the office at AJ Hartman Racing. I’ll post up a neater photo soon.


american iron


New Artwork!

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Life has really gotten in the way of art lately, but that is absolutely not a bad thing. I’ve been working hard at teaching art and spreading my nights between helping out a few days at 402 Motoring, and lending a hand building and repairing race cars with AJ Hartman Racing. On top of all that, the racing season (finally) started and I’ve been volunteering and driving at track days with NASA Northeast , AND I started planning a wedding.  Enough about me already, I’m not all that exciting and you are here for the art. I have a large art event happening fall 2014 so I’m working hard to build up my fine art portfolio. More information about that will come soon.

Here’s one sketch, finally a quick fox body mustang drawing… what do you think?

fox mustang

Engagement! And a new painting

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The past several weeks I’ve been incredibly busy preparing to ask the love of my life to marry me, so automotive paintings have been obviously lacking. I finally proposed Thursday night and she said yes! What more appropriate way for an artist to propose than on an Etch-A-Sketch

etch a sketch proposal

Since then I have found a few hours of spare time here and there so I also managed to finish a painting I started a while ago. This is another in the “Quarter Panel Panels” series, and is finally a motorsports one. We all know that all truly cool Race Cars have trailer hitches (oh yeah, or get towed themselves, but that’s not quite as cool)

So quick quiz for you: what car is in the painting and what famous livery does it have on it?martini porsche