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A Wedding!

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Hi Everyone, this has certainly been the busiest summer of my life. Aside from creating artwork, working at AJ Hartman Racing, and all the Track Days with NASA Northeast, I got married! On July 12 Rachel officially joined the Tramontano family (though she has been a welcome member since the day I brought her to meet my family way back in my college days)

My entire automotive obsession began with my Father’s 1970 Charger 440+6 RT/SE, so it was only fitting that it had a place at my wedding with all my other family members. (Big thank you to Brandon Rodkewitz of for the stunning wedding photography)

1970 charger


Modern Muscle!

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First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s  to a happy and prosperous 2011!


Next order of business… All the signs are clearly visible… The big 3 each offer v8, manual transmission, rear wheel drive monster muscle cars again! It’s 1969 all over again!  The window-stickers may be a bit steeper now, but these cars all come with over 400 horsepower, air conditioning, and get over 20mpg! (Hell, these modern musclecars can even do more than go straight fast, they can turn now!)

It’s time to live the dream, because just like in the late 60’s… Environmentalists are fighting for more fuel efficiency, and this week the news has been full of rising fuel price speculation.

So on to my latest work… My friend Cheech’s custom camaro built by 402 Motoring. (18″x24″ watercolor and pen)

Now that the musclecar wars are in effect as much here as on the street… Which one of my paintings is your favorite? Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? Chime in with comments!

Ponycar wars are back!

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You’ve all seen a bunch of Mustang pictures, It’s time to let Dodge and Chevy throw their hats in the ring… I’m currently working on a painting of a Dodge Challenger SRT and one of a Chevy Camaro SS.  Here’s a taste of how the final drawings may look. Also, keep checking back for a second painting of the HotRod TowII.