Triumph Brewery Show Press Release 9/30-12/6

Automotive themed Art Show at Triumph Brewery, Princeton NJ.

September 30, 2014 – December 6, 2014.

Opening Reception: Tuesday September 30:  7:00-9:00pm

Princeton, NJ

On September 30th at 7:00pm, Triumph Restaurant and Brewery will hold an opening reception for InfamousJim’s Auto Art Exhibition, a show featuring 50+ automotive-themed pieces by Jim Tramontano. The show is to run through December 6th during regular restaurant and pub hours.

The pieces featured for the show, which will be available for purchase, range from concept sketches to realistic paintings, and all the ground in between. His work focuses on the many different aspects of modern car culture and the mass variety of what that means to different people.

Jim grew up entrenched in the muscle car scene, working with his father and brothers to restore and build Mopar street cars. Now though, he works as a driving Instructor for NASA (National Auto Sport Association), attends car shows and meets, and spends his summers building road-race cars at AJ Hartman Racing. Jim is a high school art teacher in central New Jersey, and InfamousJim’s Auto Art simply a culmination of his artistic and automotive passions.

Triumph Restaurant and Brewery is a New Jersey brewpub on Nassau Street in the heart of downtown Princeton. With three floors of modern, industrial-chic seating and standing, restaurant goers enjoy a rotating selection of their in-house brewed beers on tap, as well as a range of dishes built from local produce and meats. Often a host to live bands and a hotspot for community meet ups, Triumph is the perfect setting for an automotive themed art show that can be seen and enjoyed by everyone inside.

For more information visit or contact the artist directly at 732-278-4539 or by email at



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