Your Car Here!

So you’ve seen the work and you would like your car drawn or painted, maybe you’re building a car and want to see what it will look like when finished. Here’s some info to get you started…

The first step…

what do you want?

  • A sketch
  • A marker sketch
  • A painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil)
  • A digital painting
  • Something else?

The second step…

how do you want it to look?

  • Realistic
  • Stylized
  • Cartooned
  • all out Caricature
  • planning drawing (design sketch)

For example, with a watercolor painting you will get

  • The finished drawing (on 18″x24″ watercolor paper)
  • Any sketches from the planning of the drawing
  • A high quality printable digital copy

Everything I do is custom, one off, made for you…  so ANYTHING is possible, give me your ideas! (Or I can come up with some for you)

Contact me for information about making your car the next InfamousJim feature!


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